SwiftCalc is a CNC machinists calculator that computes speeds and feeds for a variety of materials, machine types, and tools.  You can download  it for free by clicking on the calculator icon above.  New version includes metric switch!  Get it now.



ToolFinder - We give you two new ways to find just the right endmill.  If you know the material and application, choose the application search.  The higher the "AppRating", the more productive the tool will be.

If you know dimensions, choose the Feature Search application.  These powerful tools show you in a graphical way the best tool for your material.

You can access them both here.


Swiftcalc Online Speeds and Feeds Calculator

The hot new version of SwiftCalc is now available.  This version is best viewed on your desktop computer, but works well on cell phones and tablets as well.  This version of the calculator allows you to pick the tool best suited for your application and then pre-populates the calculator with speeds and feeds from our database.

Access it here


Swiftcarb Performance Reports

Enter Performance Reports Here.